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County Hash

I would never have liked this when I was younger but I like it now. First off I am a sucker for a loaded baked potato with all the fixings. So when I make them I tend to make extra so I can eat one the next day without all the work and baked potatoes make the best hash browns. Therefore they make the best hash.

So this is what I made as a side dish for supper last night and it was so yummy. I used three baked potatoes shredded, 

about 4 sweet baby peppers sliced,

 4 cloves of garlic minced, coconut oil, 1 yellow onion sliced,

 1 shallot sliced,

with my homemade seasoning salt. Which you can use a store bought version too I have in the past.
In a pan you’ll want to cook the onions shallot, and peppers in the coconut oil to carmelize them. The amount of oil depends on how much they sweat off for liquids. I add a tablespoon​ or so at a time if they seem like they are sticking I add a little more.

Once they start to carmelize you can​ add in the garlic. Let it cook with the garlic a minute or two. Now you can add in the potatoes

Now cook until slightly crispy and season with seasoning salt. Should taste as if it has been salted but not salty. Finished results…

Yummy golden county hash. I actually started making this by accident when a friend came over who couldn’t have meat because he was doing a specific type of fasting and couldn’t eat meat. So I needed something quick and easy to make that was filling. So I threw this together and prayer it was good enough and we’ll it turned out very yummy. I hope you enjoy.

Also please consider this. It may not be the place to share this but it is dear to my heart. 

Medically Sound Home

Please consider donating or sharing this link. We are not asking much just that you consider donating $5. Thank in advance to all who share and donate.


Recent events

So who here is in awe of how much our school system is lacking. Raise your​ hand.

I never thought I would be one to jump on the homeschooling bandwagon, but here I am counting down the days until my daughter year in the public school system is over. I have decided to take the plunge into the world of homeschooling her. Granted she is only in first grade but she likes to learn and I am hoping this will be good for her.

I truly hope this is the right direction for her and my family. I know and realized this isn’t going to be easy. In fact is will be a challenge almost everyday but one that I want to take and I pray will have a positive affect on my daughter.

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Signs of Spring

I love this time of year even the rain storm because​ they bring these wondering things…



And rhubarb

Oh and Spring brings so much more. I could make a whole blog posting just of pictures of the things growing in my yard, however for some I am sure that would be boring.

Here is a funny story instead. When I was younger I didn’t like asparagus or at least like most kids I didn’t think I did. My mother never really cooked it and so I never ate it. It wasn’t until I was much old and pregnant with my daughter did I decide to Branch out and actually try it. I found out that I actually liked it. Then when I married my husband I found out that it is his favorite veggie so one of the first thing we did together was start our own patch. When they first started to come up I couldn’t help myself with the way they looked. Especially with the ones that were larger in size. I started calling the little peckers. It was my pecker patch. I know I shouldn’t but when I saw them for the first time growing out of the ground that is what popped​into my head and I am human so some time my filter doesn’t work. Now my husband just looks at me and rolls his eyes and I say look we have peckers growing. I know he thinks his wife has lost her mind.

Anyways because to the signs of spring. For obvious reasons considering we live in Nebraska the only things growing in the garden are those that come up every year. Nothing else has been planted yet. I have several things planted on my porch but nothing in the ground it is still too cold at night. Sadly it is still dropping down to the high 30’s and low 40’s. So we still have a few weeks before plants can go in the ground.

I also found several other signs that spring has sprung finally walking around the house…

Mini rose bush which for some reason has yet to truly grow much since I planted it three years ago.

I also found Tulips, Lily’s, Iris’s, and a few other things I am not sure what they are…

I can’t wait for them all to bloom.The Tulips are new I planted them this past fall. I have no clue the color since it was a mixed bag.  The Lily’s are pink, white, orange, and yellow. I have extra of those to plant probably this weekend that are a black and white version and an all black one. Plus my mom said she bought a set that she wants to slipter with me since there are more than she has room for. 

What are your favorite signs of spring? Share with me your photos of the signs. Of spring around you. Let me know why you like or even dislike spring time.

Oh and please consider this for my family and please share so it reaches the right people.

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Layer Taco bake

So I am not a good meal planner. It usually gets to be about 5pm and I realize I didn’t take anything from my freezer for food, I didn’t plan anything and I had no ideas what to make. So when it’s just my daughter and I this was never a big deal because she was usually happy with whatever I found that I could quickly make even if it was just pancakes. However my husband wants real food as he calls it or meat and potatoes.

Today was one of those days though. I had been to the dentist this morning and this afternoon we had our counseling session with our pastor. As soon as I left there I had to rush back to our small town to get our daughter from school. Than my son wanted to nurse and then my husband came home from getting and dropping off parts and now it is closer to 5:15 and that’s right nothing. 

I have nothing out and no idea what to make. So I go on the Pinterest and start my normal quick meal ideas and came across one that looked good but I didn’t have what was needed so I altered it to fit what I already had and I came up with this…

Layered Taco Bake

It is supper simple and easy to make. Here is what the ingredients are:

  • 1-1.5 lbs ground beef
  • 1 can black beans drained
  • 1 can pinto beans drained
  • 1 shallot or small onion
  • 4 garlic cloves pureed/smashed/finely chopped
  • 1tsp olive oil
  • Taco seasoning
  • 3 Tablespoons Taco sauce or enchiladas sauce or tomatoes sauce will work too
  • Shredded cheese
  • 6 taco shells medium size
  • Tator Tots

First you will want to cramelize​ your shallot or onions in the oil after a few minutes add in the garlic. Once those are cooked add in the ground beef. Once the ground beef is cooked you can now mix in the beans seasoning and which ever sauce you choose. I had taco sauce so that is what I used but the other should work just as well. 

You will need a 9×13 pan layer the shells on the bottom of the pan.

On top the shells do a layer of shredded cheese. I used flour white and wheat cause it is what I had.

Then pure your mixture over it. And add another layer of shredded cheese.

Now place your tator tots ontop. They don’t have to be as nice as mine but an even layer will help them cook nicely.

Put it in the oven for about 350 degree f. For about 20 minutes. At this point take it out and add in the final layer of cheese ontop.

Can you tell my family likes cheese. If you like less you can exclude the bottom or middle layers I highly suggest keeping the top. Cook for only about 5 more minutes and it comes out Al yummy looking

You can garnish with thing like scallions, cilontro, or sour cream.

My husband is not a big taco fan but he ate two servings of this and my daughter cleaned her plate. It was actually very good. I hope you enjoy.
I am also asking that you consider reading this and at least sharing the story for me. My family could use all the help it can get right now.

Medically Sound Home

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Not my Norm

I typically don’t share these but this was write put by my dad because he saw the need for something to be done and for him this is a personal story because of how much he loves me and his grandchildren. I didn’t ask him to write it up he did that all on his own then just share the link with me and said I hope I can help this way if no other.

Medically sound home

My father isn’t asking much just a donate of $5 to help and that you share the link. If you can’t donate he simply asks that you share the link to help his cause. What he says is true. It seems like my daughter and I are always sick are always sick. My son is only 6 months old and so far side from his cleft lip surgery and being born with a single kidney hasn’t showed any side affects yet. I won’t ask for much but I am asking that you consider and remember what goes around comes around and God will always give back 10 fold.

Blessing upon you all.