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County Hash

I would never have liked this when I was younger but I like it now. First off I am a sucker for a loaded baked potato with all the fixings. So when I make them I tend to make extra so I can eat one the next day without all the work and baked potatoes make the best hash browns. Therefore they make the best hash.

So this is what I made as a side dish for supper last night and it was so yummy. I used three baked potatoes shredded, 

about 4 sweet baby peppers sliced,

 4 cloves of garlic minced, coconut oil, 1 yellow onion sliced,

 1 shallot sliced,

with my homemade seasoning salt. Which you can use a store bought version too I have in the past.
In a pan you’ll want to cook the onions shallot, and peppers in the coconut oil to carmelize them. The amount of oil depends on how much they sweat off for liquids. I add a tablespoon​ or so at a time if they seem like they are sticking I add a little more.

Once they start to carmelize you can​ add in the garlic. Let it cook with the garlic a minute or two. Now you can add in the potatoes

Now cook until slightly crispy and season with seasoning salt. Should taste as if it has been salted but not salty. Finished results…

Yummy golden county hash. I actually started making this by accident when a friend came over who couldn’t have meat because he was doing a specific type of fasting and couldn’t eat meat. So I needed something quick and easy to make that was filling. So I threw this together and prayer it was good enough and we’ll it turned out very yummy. I hope you enjoy.

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