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Signs of Spring

I love this time of year even the rain storm because​ they bring these wondering things…



And rhubarb

Oh and Spring brings so much more. I could make a whole blog posting just of pictures of the things growing in my yard, however for some I am sure that would be boring.

Here is a funny story instead. When I was younger I didn’t like asparagus or at least like most kids I didn’t think I did. My mother never really cooked it and so I never ate it. It wasn’t until I was much old and pregnant with my daughter did I decide to Branch out and actually try it. I found out that I actually liked it. Then when I married my husband I found out that it is his favorite veggie so one of the first thing we did together was start our own patch. When they first started to come up I couldn’t help myself with the way they looked. Especially with the ones that were larger in size. I started calling the little peckers. It was my pecker patch. I know I shouldn’t but when I saw them for the first time growing out of the ground that is what popped​into my head and I am human so some time my filter doesn’t work. Now my husband just looks at me and rolls his eyes and I say look we have peckers growing. I know he thinks his wife has lost her mind.

Anyways because to the signs of spring. For obvious reasons considering we live in Nebraska the only things growing in the garden are those that come up every year. Nothing else has been planted yet. I have several things planted on my porch but nothing in the ground it is still too cold at night. Sadly it is still dropping down to the high 30’s and low 40’s. So we still have a few weeks before plants can go in the ground.

I also found several other signs that spring has sprung finally walking around the house…

Mini rose bush which for some reason has yet to truly grow much since I planted it three years ago.

I also found Tulips, Lily’s, Iris’s, and a few other things I am not sure what they are…

I can’t wait for them all to bloom.The Tulips are new I planted them this past fall. I have no clue the color since it was a mixed bag.  The Lily’s are pink, white, orange, and yellow. I have extra of those to plant probably this weekend that are a black and white version and an all black one. Plus my mom said she bought a set that she wants to slipter with me since there are more than she has room for. 

What are your favorite signs of spring? Share with me your photos of the signs. Of spring around you. Let me know why you like or even dislike spring time.

Oh and please consider this for my family and please share so it reaches the right people.


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