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Not my Norm

I typically don’t share these but this was write put by my dad because he saw the need for something to be done and for him this is a personal story because of how much he loves me and his grandchildren. I didn’t ask him to write it up he did that all on his own then just share the link with me and said I hope I can help this way if no other.

Medically sound home

My father isn’t asking much just a donate of $5 to help and that you share the link. If you can’t donate he simply asks that you share the link to help his cause. What he says is true. It seems like my daughter and I are always sick are always sick. My son is only 6 months old and so far side from his cleft lip surgery and being born with a single kidney hasn’t showed any side affects yet. I won’t ask for much but I am asking that you consider and remember what goes around comes around and God will always give back 10 fold.

Blessing upon you all.


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