Farmers market

Holy Cow! I am in shock. I can’t believe that it is roughly a month until the opening day of the local farmers market where I will be again this year. This year I will have so much more to offer. I will have more produce, different items I have crafted, I am also hoping to be offering an exclusive farmers market tote bag specific to our area. I am excited and can’t wait. My only problem is there is so much to get done still. 

I also just sign up for a show I hadn’t planned on doing but felt really compled to do in the area. My husband IFTA is due, Easter is coming up, with not feeling good and my husband home so much lately the house is a mess, and I haven’t had any real time to sew anything since last fall. I have a list of thing I want to make. Like

  • Hot pads​
  • Shopping bags
  • Table runners
  • Crochet blankets
  • Coffee cozy
  • Mug rugs
  • Jean poaches
  • And maybe a few other things.

    The worst part about this whole thing is the month is going to go by so quickly for me. My show at the end of the month will be here before I know it and so will the market and my bad luck I won’t have gotten much done. Luckily today I did get a lot accomplished I think. Laundry was a big thing I had several loads to do and I got all but two folded. I got my daughter area​ cleaned so we can get homeschooling stuff done. I got books put away and trash laying around picked up, vacuuming done. 

    Now I I just need to finish filling paperwork so I can do IFTA filled and start sewing. I should probably spend some time making sure all my household stuff is completed before I do sewing but I am pretty sure by that point it will be.

    Do you have a list of chores you have to do daily or weekly? How do you priorities them and get all of them done? My list seems like it is ever growing and never shrinking. Sometimes I think it controls me more than I do it.


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