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I love to cook

So cooking is kinda of a passion of mine which is also why I am not a toothpick grade type of woman. I have curve and that is just a fact. I should have taken pictures but I thought about it too late so I am just going to link you to the site that I took the recipe from

Beef Stroganoff
I have cook this exact version several time the only difference I have is I cook my mushrooms in Worcestershire sauce before adding them to everything else. My family loves it. I wanted to give props to the blogger who posted and share to the world that it is an amazing recipe and that everyone should indeed try it especially if you like mushrooms.

If you are a vegetarian you could probably just leave out the beef and use more mushrooms and it would be just as good. Either way for my family when I need a simple and quick meal this I usually one of my go to because I typically have everything needed and everyone likes it. 

I hope that you all try it and enjoy it as much as we do. Hopefully next time I go to make it I will remember to take pictures so you can see my step by step process.


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