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Whether you are new to it or have been doing it for years.There is always something new to learn. My family homestead isn’t much. It’s not on a large plot of land nestled in the middle of nowhere. In fact it is in a small town on a corner plots with a total of two lots. The house is old and falling apart and truth be told it isn’t where my husband and I want to call home for too much longer.

Our goal is to be out of this house in a about 2 years. We want to get about 10 acres so we can truly do all that we want, but for now this is what we have been blessed with and it is better than nothing. We have our house we have one shed that currently houses all our wood.

Mulberry we use for smoking all of the food we cook in our smoker.

And everything else which my husband uses for heating the garage (aka his shop) and for our bonfires.

I have my garden space which allows me to grow fresh veggies and some berries.

And a she’s for my tiler and other supplies and heck since it has been so warm here in Nebraska lately I even found a surprise already growing.

My rhubarb has already started to show for the year. They are small now but the will grow to be a massive plant. More than likely I will need to divide it out this year since it is year three for this set.

I am saying all of this because I don’t think people realize that we don’t need a large place to grow fresh veggies and some fruits. If every person on the block pitched in and grow something a little different and than we all shared what we grew. We would all be a lot better off.

You say but not everyone has a green thumb nor does everyone have time. No problem. If you don’t have time or your not good with plants find a neighbor who is and donate some land to them. Tell them you’ll buy the plants, seeds, or trees and pay for all need water and other supplies if they will be willing to help by tending it and than you bother will benefit from the harvest.

My point is you do that need a large acreage to be able to homestead you can do so in your own backyard if you only put forth the effort. Plants don’t take much time, water and patience. I have been doing these things my whole life and never knew what it was called. I have grown plants and harvest the bounty and ate it. I have stored and saved the extras and made it last but never thought to call it more than gardening.

I finally have come to realize that all those little things I did I did in preparation for when I had my own place, my own garden and land to take credit of my own homestead where I am not only providing for me but for my children. I learned a lot in those early years and now I am taking full advantage of my mistakes I made but I am still learning.

Homestead is what you make of it. What it is for me won’t be what it is for you and it will still be different for someone else. No two ideas are wrong though because they are all right because that phrase I am a homesteader will be different for all of us. But what does it mean for you I wonder? Do you live in a big city and have a rooftop garden or do you live on the edge of town and have herbs, veggies and other edible plants spread throughout your yard? I want to know what is homesteading for you?


2 thoughts on “Homesteading

  1. The white house looks awesome for fixing up! My husband and I love doing that kind of stuff 🙂 I totally agree with you that it would be so much better if neighbors would all grow things and then share them… I’ve tried to do that with a couple of neighbors over the years and they just don’t ever seem all that interested… Although they are all willing to take my extra produce , hmm. We are out in one city lot and while we wish we had a big plot of land, we also love being urban homesteaders and showing people how much as possible in the city.


    1. I would agree but it is more of an issue that it is just too small for my family and we just don’t have that kind of money to put into it. Beside we really want to be in the country with about 10 acres of land. But someday that dream will come true.


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