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Beef it’s what for dinner.

Not to coin the phrase but look at these babies. Corn and grass feed no steroids pure beef ribs.

Onto the smoker..

Oh wow don’t those look so yummy. Oh and all those juice I will boil down into a sauce that will brush over them later

They will be joined by some buttery potatoes and onions with my homemade season salt, 

cheese butter and chive bisquets, 

And corn for a veggie.

Now almost two hours into cook time on the ribs here what they look like with the sauce on them.

I can’t wait to eat them. 
What are you having for dinner? Do you like smoked foods? It is what my house is know for. So much in fact that my husband is building a much bigger smoker but the is a post for another day.

Just enough time to sit and nurse my son before it is all done. Happy eating and blessings on you all.

***Update Supper was amazing.


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